Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today we arrived at our first port of call, Ketchikan early in the am. We did a walking tour and ended up at Dolly Arthur’s House. Dolly was a famous madam from the early years in when Ketchikan was a major mining city.

It was a fun tour given by Dale in costume who used to play with Dolly’s dogs when Dale was just six years old. She loved spending time with Dolly even though her mother disapproved but since her father was the Chief of Police both Dolly and Dale could do whatever they wished then…..and now.

Dale was never a lady of the evening but she knows all about their life styles.
We saw lots of totem poles and stuffed animals and it is truly a lovely and eclectic little town.

When we got back to the ship, I gave my presentation on Goldrush women as we sailed out of port. I loved doing the research on this topic and then got to spend some informative time with Dale. She told me lots of little secrets that about what the ladies did and didn’t do in those days. It was a fun presentation and I’m growing to love working on the big stage.

Last night after dinner and the show, we had our picture taken on the deck. It was fabulous sunset and even though it looks like a fake one believe me it was real……a little windy and cold but beautiful.

Tomorrow we get to Juneau and then Skagway. I have two days off and will be giving two more presentations on Friday and Saturday. This working four hours a week is a schedule that I could get used to very quickly. Leif is acclimating well since he is ordering his favorites escargot and Ceasar salad every evening at dinner.

We will definitely be using the D word as in diet when we get home.

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