Thursday, May 21, 2009

NCL Sun Alaska Cruise No-Whining on The Bridge

NCL Sun May 20th Glaciers from the Captain’s Bridge

Yesterday we were invited by Captain Tommy Stensrud to join him on the bridge as we enter Tracy Arm Fjord on our way to view Sawyer Glacier. In true Norwegian custom, he offered us coffee and cookies as soon as we entered the bridge. You can never enter a Norwegian home without being offered food and drink without feeling their hospitality.

I gave a commentary on the breathtaking sights as we sailed past majestic mountains and beautiful chunks of ice towards the twin Sawyer glaciers. Alaska is our very favorite cruise.

It is quite an honor to be invited on the bridge. It brought back memories and of his father, grandfather and great grandfathers who were all Norwegian sea captains. There was lots of Norwegian bonding with Captain Tommy as in Yah, Yah and talking about Lutefisk.

Yesterday our ship stopped in Juneau and we explored the Alaskan state capitol. However I didn’t run into Sarah Palin. Juneau is a lovely, charming city and we have had the best weather imaginable for our entire cruise so far.

Today is an off day for me so we’ll kick back and visit at Skagway. We plan to take the White Pass train trip with all of the amazing history and scenic beauty. Then I will be speaking two more times on our return trip to Vancouver about glaciers and Alaskan wild life.

So far this has been the best working trip we’ve ever taken. The NCL feels so much like being at home in Norway and the staff and passengers are wonderful.
Leif wants me to do this full time so we can spend the rest of our life being wined and dined on cruise ships!

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