Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Final Countdown 7 Days To Go till GLAMother Goes Golfing!

We're in the final countdown and I'm playing everyday but not real golf. I'm just practicing all the fun shots so I can keep myself in a positive place.......where ever that is?

Here's another interesting take on the Biggest Story in Reality TV Golf for 2009!

The World Series of Golf: It's poker, but with golf. Wait, what?
By Jay Busbee

Okay, here's one that's been intriguing me for a bit: The World Series of Golf. Despite what its title seems to imply, it's got nothing to do with Game 7s; no, it's a golf tournament based on the World Series of Poker. (You know, that event they show endlessly on ESPN2, with pasty dudes in sunglasses and Unabomber hoods crouching behind piles of chips.)

The World Series of Golf has just signed a deal to run a 13-episode series on WGN. A previous version ran on CBS, but the organizers decided that broadcast TV was too restrictive -- which means, hopefully, more cleavage n' cussin' this time around.

Anyway, the deal: it's kind of a rule that if you like golf, you like poker -- what else are you supposed to do when you're not on the course, work? Talk to your spouse? Pfah! So why not combine the two?

Basically, you're betting on each hole as if it were a hand of poker, anteing up, checking, raising or bluffing after every shot. You come into the round with a stack of chips, and you can earn more or bust out along the way. It's certainly not any more complicated than many bastardized Nassau variants, and I'm all for any game that lets you get into the head of your opponents with every shot. And with a top prize of $300K -- following a $10,000 entry fee, of course -- it'd be worth it to polish up your bluffing skills as much as your approach shots.

Just one question: how do you keep all the chips from falling off the back of the golf cart?

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