Friday, June 26, 2009

Megan Fox Winner of the Day and Perez Hilton Whiner of the Day

Winner of The Day is Megan Fox
A One Woman Transformer

Megan Fox is everywhere and such a lovely gal. She is so hot right now and we are seeing her on every TV show and magazine. Megan is a one women Transformer who is a real "Smiley" and not a "Whiney!"

Whiner of the Day is Perez Hilton

A Great Big Cry Baby

Lately Perez, who I usually get a big kick out of, is annoying me with his attacks on The Black Eyed Peas and Fergie, one of my favorite gals. So come on Perez, stop with being a "Whiney" and start being a sweet "Smiley" again! !!!

Whine Time with January Jones

Be sure to listen to my interview today with Pam Swensen, CEO of EWGA Executive Women's Golf Association on Whine Time with January Jones.

I've posted above the fun picture from my interview with the EWGA representative at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. If you want to learn more about EWGA go to there website and join in the fun and get the scoop on some great networking opportunites. I will be going back to play in the EWGA Golf Tournament on July 1oth at The Riverview Golf Course preceeding the Ladies U. S. Open in two weeks.

In Memory of Farrah Fawcett

It was with great sadness that we learned of Farrah's passing yesterday. What an amazing woman and she will missed by everyone. Her brave battle against cancer was an example to everyone who is facing this horrible disease. Farrah died at St. John's Hospital here in Santa Monica and it brought back sad memories for me of when I lost my best friend, Jan Weber, from the same disease at St. John's in 2001.

Like Farrah, Jane waged a three year battle and at her funeral we played the ABBA song "I Believe in Angels" and I know that Jane will be there to welcome Farrah along with all the other heavanly angels. May they rest in peace and they will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

EWGA PGA Show Women's Golf with January Jones

I will be interviewing Pam Swensen, the CEO of EWGA Executive Women's Golf Association tomorrow morning Thursday, June 25th at 9 am PT on my show "Whine Time with January Jones" on

Here is a video that I did last January with Kathy and Ashley from EWGA at the Orlando PGA Merchandise Show. They are adorable and I can't wait to visit with their leader, Pam, tomorrow and hear more about women executives who are combing work and pleasure by taking their clients out to the golf course. This is a great group for women who want to network and make golf connections on and off the course. There are all sorts of unlimited opportunities for women who golf....just ask me about that since I will soon become the new Susan Boyle of Women's Golf when The World Series of Golf on WGN starts their summer season.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Air Force Academy and Happy Birthday Barney!

114th Aviation Company Reunion and Happy "85th" Birthday to Barney Huberty!

Here we are at the magnificent and inspiring Air Force Academy with our friends from The 114th Aviation Company that served to so bravely in Vietnam. Their reunion is a wonderful chance to re-connect with old comrades and meet their families.

Of course, they share war stories but mostly just the ones that make everyone laugh. This is definitely a NO-WHINE ZONE!

Speaking of not whining, I got to help a fellow Michigander from the UP, Barney Huberty, celebrate his 85th birthday with all our friends from The Country Clubs of The World in Bountiful, Utah. I'd never been there before but you can't believe how beautiful Bountiful is!

Our hosts, Tom and Yvette Stark, welcomed all of us to a great golf tournament and a wonderful party at their amazing home.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dr. Yue Interview on June 18th & Thank You to Pat Hansen KTVA

Dr. Xio Dong Yue at AATH Convention Las Vegas

KTVA's Pat Hansen

Wow, this has really been a busy week with my fabulous interview with Lynne Palazzi last Thursday on Whine Time with January Jones. Be sure to take the time to listen to our interview. Lynne is such a fun guest with so much energy and enthusiasm for life. Her mantra is "Golf is my Passion and Marketing is my Sport." One correction though for the record, Lynne's official title is:
Lynne Palazzi
CEO pb Marketing Agency
Sports Marketing and Certified Coaching Professional

I just wanted to thank Pat Hansen for the lovely interview that we did at KTVA last Saturday AM. Pat works with seniors so we talked about seniors and whining. It was such a delightful interview even if we were up with the birds. It was so great to see Tom Spence again who has been with KTVA for over 18 years. I always love going back to their studio because they always make me feel so welcome.

Now the big news for this week is that I will be on the road and in the air traveling to Bountiful, Utah to play in a golf tournament with my wonderful friends, Tom and Yvette Stark, with The Country Clubs of The World. Also Tom represents Tifosi Sunglasses and I was so thrilled to be wearing a red pair when I played in The World Series of Golf to be televised on June 28th on WGN America.

Then after Utah, we are flying into Colorado Springs and going to the Air Force Academy for a reunion of my husband's 114th Aviation Company. I'm sure it will be easy to recognize everyone since we haven't changed that much.......hardly at all!!!

While I am on the road, I will doing an interview on next Thursday, June 18th with Dr. Xiao Dong Yu, a humorist from China. I met Dr. Yue at the AATH convention in Vegas and can't wait to interview him on my show. Dr. Yue graduated from Harvard and Tufts Univeristy and now he is in The Dept. of Applied Social Studies at City University of Hong Kong.

There aren't too many humorists in China and this one is so special that I can't wait to share him with all of my listeners. Interestingly, he learned to speak English by listening to Voice America on the radio at night with his family when he was a little boy. As you can see from the picture abouve, he has the warmest smile and biggest heart in all of Hong Kong.

Friday, June 12, 2009

No Whining Teenager Be a Smiley...Not a Whiney!

Here is my favorite teenager, our granddaughter, Ashely wearing her Thou Shalt Not Whine t-shirt. It says Be a Smiley...Not a Whiney!

You can order one too as a gift for anyone you know who has a sense of humor or needs to get one at and just click on The Whine Time Store.

There you will find all kinds of fun stuff and great gag gifts. It's one stop shopping and it's reasonably priced. Have fun!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lynne Palazzi Guests on Whine Time with January Jones

Be sure to listen to my show this morning when I interview Lynne Palazzi about her new career as a marketing agent working with young woman golfers who are playing on the Futures Tour. Lynne is an amazing gal and I love her mantra: Golf is My Passion - Marketing is My Sport! She is an inspiration to all women or men, who are thinking of making a career change in order to follow their dreams. Tune In, Tune On and Tune Up with Lynne and myself today.

If you miss the show today, there's no problem since it will be on the air later today with 24/7 constant streaming.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ray Roman & Any Bloch Golfing with January Jones

Well I'm finally getting around to sharing some of my video and photos from The World Series of Golf in Las Vegas. You will be seeing lots more when the show airs on WGN starting on June 28th with 13 episodes.

Here is one of my favorite poker guys, Andy Bloch, with me after we both were knocked out of the tournament and neither one of us is whining and we're both wearing our Smiley- Whiney pins to prove it.

The video of Ray Romano with us was taken as I was giving Andy his pin out on the golf course and Ray was politley watchiing and wondering when he would get his pin. He wasn't whing about it but getting close.

By the end of the tournament, we all could have been whining but we weren't! Actually Ray made it further than us and he lost in a playoff so he really played well. Tiy can listen to Andy's interview with my on my show for the June 14th episode when he talks with me about Joan Rivers calling poker players white trash!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Meet Kylie my singing grand-Dog!

I neglected to mention my grand-dog Kylie when I wrote about my grandchildren yesterday. How could I forget the world's most amazing singing dog?

As you can see, Kylie loves to perform and she can sing just about anything but not always in the right key.

Kylie loves Elvis and she her favorite song is Hound Dog, of course! She is a good girl and you can see why she's my favorite when it comes to grand-Dogs ..................even if she is the only one so far!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

UP, UP and Away-January and Jill with Pasta and Wine instead of Whining!

You must go and see the Movie "UP" as soon as possible.

We took our grandkids to see it yesterday and it was hard to say who enjoyed it more. We all loved it. It will be a classic for all ages and we'll be watching this one for a long time. It'll be right UP there with all of the Disney movies. You don't need to rent a kid to go but it's more fun when you have a little one with you just watching their faces is so much fun.

Here are all of our grandkids, we have three boys and three girls and who could ask for anything more? It really is true that your grandchildren are your reward for not killing your children.

Be sure to read my Chapter On Grandparents and Whining in my book. Also there is a FREE e-book download posted at my website with The Top Ten Cures for Whining excerpted from my book.

I did my interview with Jill Hendrickson this morning on Whine Time with January Jones and it will be posted tomorrow am. What a fun and informative guest with lots of wonderful and encouraging news about eating PASTA and not feeling guilty.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

January Jones & Jill Hendricskon Weight Loss Italian Sytle

Be sure to Tune In, Tune On and Tune Up tomorrow morning on "Whine Time with January Jones" at 9 am PT when I interview Jill Hendrickson about her new book, Weigh Loss, Italian Style. I

I have been reading the book and can't put it down. Jill is a great writer and wonderuf story teller and her adventures in Italy are so entertaining.

This is much more than just another cookbook> It is an adventure and discovery tale. I'm learning so much more about myself in regards to my eating habits. The nicest thing is that it is a "no pressure", anyone can do it approach to healthy eating and having fun too.

It is a fun read without any Whining but lots of Wining and Dining!!

Did you know that June is Women's Golf Month?

I'll be telling you lots more about it tomorrow after I play golf in the am with my Ladies Group at Sunset Hills C. C. Now that I am getting ready to become the "Susan Boyle of Women's Golf", I'll be doing lots of interviews for lady golfers.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weight Loss Italian Style with Jill Hendrickson June 4th

I am so pleased to announce that my guest for this coming Thursday on Whine Time will be my dear beautiful friend, Jill Hendrickson. Jill is the author of Weight Loss Italian Style.

Jill is a travel enthusiast who fell in love with Italy and the Italian way of life when she stumbled off a train in Venice as a college student.

She returned two decades later to fulfill her dream of studying Italian. While on the Isle of Elba in Tuscany and later while living with a cooking teacher in Florence, Jill discovered the secrets Italians use to maintain their weight, even while indulging in some of the best food on the planet.

Jill earned her Master in Fine Arts degree in writing from Columbia University and has written and edited for newspapers and news services. She holds a certificate of natural healing from the Academy of Natural Healing in New York.

I met Jill when we were traveling together on an airplane and it was the most enjoyable flight as we shared our stories and discovered each others interests. Life has a way of opening doors and I am so pleased to open the doorway of Whine Time to such a fabulous gal!

Be sure to check out her website at

Be sure to Tune In and Tune On with Jill and January this coming Thursday, June 4th at 9 am PT.