Monday, June 15, 2009

Dr. Yue Interview on June 18th & Thank You to Pat Hansen KTVA

Dr. Xio Dong Yue at AATH Convention Las Vegas

KTVA's Pat Hansen

Wow, this has really been a busy week with my fabulous interview with Lynne Palazzi last Thursday on Whine Time with January Jones. Be sure to take the time to listen to our interview. Lynne is such a fun guest with so much energy and enthusiasm for life. Her mantra is "Golf is my Passion and Marketing is my Sport." One correction though for the record, Lynne's official title is:
Lynne Palazzi
CEO pb Marketing Agency
Sports Marketing and Certified Coaching Professional

I just wanted to thank Pat Hansen for the lovely interview that we did at KTVA last Saturday AM. Pat works with seniors so we talked about seniors and whining. It was such a delightful interview even if we were up with the birds. It was so great to see Tom Spence again who has been with KTVA for over 18 years. I always love going back to their studio because they always make me feel so welcome.

Now the big news for this week is that I will be on the road and in the air traveling to Bountiful, Utah to play in a golf tournament with my wonderful friends, Tom and Yvette Stark, with The Country Clubs of The World. Also Tom represents Tifosi Sunglasses and I was so thrilled to be wearing a red pair when I played in The World Series of Golf to be televised on June 28th on WGN America.

Then after Utah, we are flying into Colorado Springs and going to the Air Force Academy for a reunion of my husband's 114th Aviation Company. I'm sure it will be easy to recognize everyone since we haven't changed that much.......hardly at all!!!

While I am on the road, I will doing an interview on next Thursday, June 18th with Dr. Xiao Dong Yu, a humorist from China. I met Dr. Yue at the AATH convention in Vegas and can't wait to interview him on my show. Dr. Yue graduated from Harvard and Tufts Univeristy and now he is in The Dept. of Applied Social Studies at City University of Hong Kong.

There aren't too many humorists in China and this one is so special that I can't wait to share him with all of my listeners. Interestingly, he learned to speak English by listening to Voice America on the radio at night with his family when he was a little boy. As you can see from the picture abouve, he has the warmest smile and biggest heart in all of Hong Kong.

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