Monday, June 8, 2009

Ray Roman & Any Bloch Golfing with January Jones

Well I'm finally getting around to sharing some of my video and photos from The World Series of Golf in Las Vegas. You will be seeing lots more when the show airs on WGN starting on June 28th with 13 episodes.

Here is one of my favorite poker guys, Andy Bloch, with me after we both were knocked out of the tournament and neither one of us is whining and we're both wearing our Smiley- Whiney pins to prove it.

The video of Ray Romano with us was taken as I was giving Andy his pin out on the golf course and Ray was politley watchiing and wondering when he would get his pin. He wasn't whing about it but getting close.

By the end of the tournament, we all could have been whining but we weren't! Actually Ray made it further than us and he lost in a playoff so he really played well. Tiy can listen to Andy's interview with my on my show for the June 14th episode when he talks with me about Joan Rivers calling poker players white trash!

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