Friday, June 26, 2009

Megan Fox Winner of the Day and Perez Hilton Whiner of the Day

Winner of The Day is Megan Fox
A One Woman Transformer

Megan Fox is everywhere and such a lovely gal. She is so hot right now and we are seeing her on every TV show and magazine. Megan is a one women Transformer who is a real "Smiley" and not a "Whiney!"

Whiner of the Day is Perez Hilton

A Great Big Cry Baby

Lately Perez, who I usually get a big kick out of, is annoying me with his attacks on The Black Eyed Peas and Fergie, one of my favorite gals. So come on Perez, stop with being a "Whiney" and start being a sweet "Smiley" again! !!!

Whine Time with January Jones

Be sure to listen to my interview today with Pam Swensen, CEO of EWGA Executive Women's Golf Association on Whine Time with January Jones.

I've posted above the fun picture from my interview with the EWGA representative at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. If you want to learn more about EWGA go to there website and join in the fun and get the scoop on some great networking opportunites. I will be going back to play in the EWGA Golf Tournament on July 1oth at The Riverview Golf Course preceeding the Ladies U. S. Open in two weeks.

In Memory of Farrah Fawcett

It was with great sadness that we learned of Farrah's passing yesterday. What an amazing woman and she will missed by everyone. Her brave battle against cancer was an example to everyone who is facing this horrible disease. Farrah died at St. John's Hospital here in Santa Monica and it brought back sad memories for me of when I lost my best friend, Jan Weber, from the same disease at St. John's in 2001.

Like Farrah, Jane waged a three year battle and at her funeral we played the ABBA song "I Believe in Angels" and I know that Jane will be there to welcome Farrah along with all the other heavanly angels. May they rest in peace and they will always be in our hearts and thoughts.

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