Friday, January 30, 2009

January Jones meets Golf Legends Nancy Lopez and Jan Stephenson

One of the biggest thrills for me at this PGA show was getting to meet and chat with both Nancy Lopez and Jan Stepehson. They were both so wonderful and gracious and I couldn't believe that I was actually talking to two legends of women's golf. What an incredible honor, I got so emotional with Nancy that I started to tear up and then she did too! Talk about being gracious, she'll even cry with you.

As you can see Jan is such a beauty. She looks marvelous and is a truly delightful gal. I felt like I've known her forever. Both Jan and Nancy gave me some great tips for playing in the World Series of Golf on video that'll I'll be posting on YouTube and then sharing the advice right here with all of you.

It's been an amzaing experience and I'll fill in all the details once I get back to California. Mr. Smiley is having a great time too. He is the hit of the show and has been working his tail off at the Yar Booth helping all of us promote the GX1. We finish tomorrow and we're off to Sarasota to visit Smiley's cousin Kiley. They both love to sing so I'll try to get a photo of them doing a duet. Or better yet, I'll try to video it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Jones Gets Golf Tips From David Leadbetter and Butch Harmon

The PGA Merchandise Show is a golfer's paradise. I was just walking up and down the aisle's and was able to get some great advice and encouragement from two of the greatest golf teachers in the world. Once I told them that I was playing in the World Series of Golf as a "chronologically challenged competitor" they were so helpful. David Leadbetter told me to play within myself (that could be a problem) and to practice my chipping and putting.

My chipping could be problem but putting is my favorite part of the game since I got my new custom made GX1 with my named engraved today from Yar Golf.

Taylor Made - adidas Golf sent me the greatest outfits to wear and they all match my book cover.
It's not how you play but how you look that's important for women!

Butch Harmon is the exact same age as myself and he told me to be sure to not over train and get injured before the tournament in May. So now I have an excuse to pace myself and not go overboard practicing!

I met so many more great players like in Annika and Boo. and many more. There will be more pictures and stories tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on all my goflfing adventures in Orlando! This so much fun!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

January Jones Whine Time January 28, 2009 e-zine

January and PR Pup Mr. Smiley visit The National Association of Catering Executives

Last night my PR Pup, Mr. Smiley, finally made it to the big time and he's now on the official January Jones traveling team. We spoke together at the National Association of Catering Executives at the Marriott Hotel in Marina Del Rey, Ca.

Here we are with our gracious hosts NACE President Jodi who just happened to be the winner of our gift tote bag and book, Thou Shalt Not Whine, along with their wonderful and warm, events chairman, LaTonia Allen.

Mr. Smiley was the star of the evening and was on his very, very best behavior as we shared the Doggy Cure for Whining for the first time. It goes like this: Try to live each day like Mr. Smiley!
A dog never lives in the past or the future. They live each day, each moment in the present. Every meal, every walk, every morning is the best one ever. Dogs (and cats and all animals) live life with unconditional love and they know how to enjoy each precious moment. If you can try to live in the moment with unconditional love then you will no longer be a "Whiner," then you will be just like Mr. Smiley.

It was a fun night since I was able to speak to my fellow workers in the food service industry. I started out as a waitress, then a stewardess, then a restaurant owner, then a facilities manager and party planner so I have paid my dues and can walk the walk. But as you know now I enjoy talking the talk and meeting so many wonderful caring and giving people from NACE.

It can be a difficult job with lots of whining opportunities but mostly is a rewarding career helping people to celebrate life with great food and great caterers.

Tomorrow Mr. Smiley and I are flying out to go to the PGA Merchandising show in Orlando, FL so we'll be doing golf networking there. We're looking forward to meeting some of the biggest names in golf.

After Orlando, we are going to visit with Mr. Smiley's cousin, Kiley Davenport, in Sarasota. I'll be sure to get a picture of them singing/howling together.

This will be Mr. Smiley's first flight so I'm working out the logistics. The big question is how to travel with a dog who is not a terrorist but carries a battery pack just like the Energizer Bunny! I'll keep you posted and take lots of pictures.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sisters Week and Nationl Girlfriends Day

I received this Sisters Girlfriends Day reminder today from my dear friend of of over 45 years, Jean Green who has always been like a sister to me throughout the years. I didn't have a picture of Jean to post today but here are some of my other sister/girlfriends (old ones) Margaret and Betty at my book signing and (new ones) Lori and Patti from the publishing world.

I couldn't resist adding some of my own thoughts in italics!

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.
And it won't get any longer
So love the people who treat you right.
Everyday with all your might.
Love the ones who don't just because you can.
Try holding out your hand.Believe everything happens for a reason.
This is a really hard one for all of us control freaks.
If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands.
If you don't grab it then you'll have to deal with me.
If it changes your life , let it.
And never regret it.
Kiss slowly.
And more often
Forgive quickly.
Forget even quicker!
God never said life would be easy.
And guess what? It isn't!
He just promised it would be worth it.
And guess what? It is!

Today is sister's day , send this to all your sisters ,
mothers , daughters , girlfriends even me if I am like one.

Girlfriend and Sister's Week
I am only as strong as the coffee I drink ,
the hair spray I use and
the friends I have.
To the cool women that have
touched my life. Here's to you!

National Girlfriends Day
What would most of us do without our sisters , confidants and shopping , lunching , and traveling girls?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Smiley Howls for January Jones, The Golfing Gambling Granny


I'd like all of you to meet my newest press agent
our dog who has two names, Smiley-Whiney!

Usually he's a Smiley and very, very rarely a Whiney.

As you can see, Smiley loves my book and is howling over it just like any other good PR Dog.

Smiley wants to share with you a Press Release that he just sent out to promote this Granny's adventures into her new career in the world of golfing and gambling!!

News Release Wire: January 22, 2009

No-Whining Expert Picked to Play Golf & Poker on CBS Sports

January Jones, a golfing, gambling granny -- and the self-proclaimed Whine Tester -- has been selected to be a contestant playing golf with a Texas Hold’Em format on The World Series of Golf in Las Vegas. This reality golf combined with poker at the Paiute Golf Resort course will be televised on CBS Sports sponsored by on May 11-13, 2009. But can she play golf or poker? "Of course, I can," Jones says. Is she any good? "Absolutely not," she continues.

One of four women in a field of 125 players, Jones says she is being a good sport while using it as an amazing opportunity to prove that a "chronologically challenged" woman can compete equally with "chauvinistically challenged" men. "For the record, I must admit that becoming a reality TV golfer or gambler has never been on her personal bucket list," Jones says.
"I may be an expert on whining -- but I also know a lot about winning," says Jones, a wife of 38 years, a mother with four kids and a grandmother with six perfect grandkids. (Jones was a widow at 25 years of age with two small children.)

Jones is an expert Whine-ologist and a reformed whiner who lives every day in the No Whine Zone. Her book published by Beaufort Books is entitled Thou Shalt Not Whine . . . The Eleventh Commandment and reached a #1 ranking at . On March 5, she will launch "Whine Time with January Jones" on

Jones is being sponsored by Yar Golf, Taylor Made – Adidas Golf and JH Gloves. She will be appearing at The PGA Merchandizing Convention to help raise fund for The PGA Adaptive Golf Program for veterans in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 29-31, 2009 at The Yar Golf Booth 1494.

January Jones, The Golfing Granny Goes Gambling

January Jones, a golfing, gambling granny, is the self-proclaimed Whine Tester. She is an expert Whine-ologist and a reformed whiner who lives every day in the No Whine Zone. Her book published by Beaufort Books is entitled Thou Shalt Not Whine…..The Eleventh Commandment and reached a #1 ranking at . She is launching “Whine Time with January Jones” on this coming March 5, 2009.

“What makes January such an expert on whining?” She is a golfer, a woman, and a wife of 38 years, a mother with four kids and a grandmother with six perfect grandkids. Also, January was a widow at 25 years with two small children so she knows a little about whining and a lot more about winning.

Recently, there has been a human-interest story added to January’s life in the form of reality television. She has been selected to be a contestant and play on the CBS Sports World Series of Golf with next May 11-13, 2009 in Las Vegas. Her husband entered them both and she got picked. Can she play golf or poker?

Of course, Yes! Is she good? Absolutely, Not!

Ms. Jones will be one of four women in a field of 125 players. January is being a good sport while using it as an amazing opportunity to prove that a “Chronologically Challenged” woman can compete equally with “Chauvinistically Challenged” men. However for the record being a reality TV golfer or gambler has never, ever been on her personal bucket list.

Ms. Jones is being sponsored by Yar Golf, Taylor Made – adidas Golf and JH Gloves. She will be appearing at The PGA Merchandizing Convention to help raise fund for The PGA Adaptive Golf Program for veterans in Orlando, FL on January 29-31, 2009 at The Yar Golf Booth 1494.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Congratulations David WOW Award Winner White Oaks School

Congratulations to our grandson, David for being this months WOW Award Winner for Caring at White Oaks Elementary School in Westlake Village.

We are all so very proud of David and the best part is that he is a very caring person all of the time!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

January Jones Whine Time e-zine 1/18/09

Whine Time with January Jones January 18, 2009

Welcome to Whine Time:
There's lots of big news about
Thou Shalt Not Whine...The Eleventh Commandment and January Jones

Click the link below to see an interview with
January Jones at The Taylor Made - adidas Golf facility in Carlsbad, CA. with Sandy Lane
and Alan Stone.

Taylor Made - adidas Golf will be sponsoring Ms. Jones in The World Series of Golf to be televised on CBS Sports prior to The US Open in June 2009.

There will be more news coming soon from The PGA Convention in Orlando, Florida where January will be signing books at the Yar Golf Booth to raise money for our veterans with The PGA Adaptive Golf Program.

Ms. Jones will be the Yar Golf's National Spokeswoman promoting the revolutionary GX1 putter that will be launched in Orlando.

The GREAT news Thou Shalt Not Whine,
Voted the #1 Best Book to be given Anonymously by RA (Readers Anonymous)

I am very pleased to share with you a review that was posted this morning about
Thou Shalt Not Whine by Deena Peterson from A Peek at my Bookshelf.

Saturday, January 17, 2009 Thou Shalt Not Whine by January Jones

Why did I take so long to read this book? What was the matter with me? When will I ever learn?

Okay, enough with the whining! January Jones' book discusses the eleventh commandment, one that is heavily enforced in the Peterson household: "Thou Shalt Not Whine". And is she ever on the money!

Calling herself the original whine-tester, January discusses whines of all types and for all reasons. Sections devoted to everyone from children to teenagers to boomers and more, each including the Top Ten Whines and how to counteract them.

Some of January's advice is obviously humor-laced and tongue in cheek, which I LOVE! This author's sense of humor is right up my alley! But she also shares some good tid-bits to store away for a whiny day (HA! Made that up myself--January, you're rubbing off on me!).

I think my favorite portion of the book would have to be the quotes. Each whine opens with a quote, and January includes a boatload of quotations in the back of her book. Some made me laugh; some made me think--and even a few made me grimace in "ooh, that's me" style.

An original by January herself really tickled me: There's only one way to raise kids. Unfortunately, no one knows what it is. And one more: "It's hard to decide whether growing pains are something teenagers have, or are."

See what I mean? I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

Something else to love about January's book is her interactive style. You can visit her website and submit your OWN whining data. Share a story with January and you might even see it in print one day.

Kind of like Chicken Soup for the Whiner's Soul ("It's too hot! Not enough noodles!" LOL!). This book is a favorite of mine and is going on the keeper shelf...not many books make it to that shelf.

I'm giving "Thou Shalt Not Whine" the Golden Bookmark for writing and humor excellence, with a bunch of golden grapes as a charm...can't get any "whine" out of those grapes...they're golden.

And no whining about that!
Thank you to Deena from January!

Now A Sure Fire Cure for The New Year (especially at Super Bowl Time)

Best Overall Remedy for Whining Men

The Sports Talk Cure

I created this cure with men in mind, but it will work just as well for anyone whose DNA is encrypted with a love of sports. No matter what the complaint may be, if you can change the subject to a sports question or observation, all whining will cease. Men, and especially boys, can easily be distracted by anything relating to their favorite game or team. Sports talk can transport them to their fantasy world, where they are superstars and their teams always win.

Unfortunately, this can backfire if they have just suffered a big loss. Anytime this happens, they are vulnerable to intense whining in order to relieve the pain. Is it something about the thrill of victory versus the agony of defeat? It doesn't matter whether it is a pick-up game on a sandlot or the World Series--the pain of losing is always unbearable for most men. After a big loss, it is best to just let men be alone or with other men who are losers too.

Once they have recovered, which depends on the severity of their loss, they will bounce right back to get ready for the next season. The nice thing about the sports talk cure is that you will never run out of material with which to bewitch whining men.

Excerpted: Thou Shalt Not Whine...The Eleventh Commandment by January Jones Beaufort Books: 2008

The Whine Tester BLOG:
Check Out the Daily Reminders
So you can Be a Smiley, Not a Whiney!
Up-coming Events for January Jones:

January 26, 2009 NACE Spech Marina Del Rey, CA
January 28, 2009 Dare to Dream Interview KCLA
January 29-31, 2009 PGA Convention Orlando, FL

Remember, Stop Whining and Start Smiling
and if that doesn't work then Start Eating Chocolate!!!

January Jones with Yar Golf Friends & Weekly Daily Reminders

Last week I went to Arizona to have a lovely lunch with my dear friends from Yar Golf. As you can see, Dr. V, Gerri Jordan and me (who rhymes with V) were having a great time making plans for our trip to The PGA Convention in Orlando Florida at the end of the month.

Yar Golf will be launching the GX1 putter and I will be the national spokeswoman for this amazing putter. I tried the putter out at the Las Vegas convention and fell in love with it from the moment I held it in my hands. I actually begged Dr. V and Gerri to let me use it for The World Series of Golf competition I'll be competing in this coming May 12th in Las Vegas to be televised on CBS Sports.

I won't tell you too many details now since I know the Yar Golf will be promoting their new product themselves with my help at the convention when they launch the GX1.

All I will say for the moment is, "As a Chronologically Challenged Senior Golfer, I am here to tell you that the GX1 is a miracle putter that every senior woman or man will want to have in their bag. Speaking of miracles, "Who says, you can't teach an old dog new tricks?"

The Yar Golf Booth will be supporting the PGA Adaptive Golf Program for Veterans by selling patriotic lapel pins along with autographed copies of Thou Shalt Not Whine with a portion of the proceeds going to help our veterans.

Here's your third/fourth Week Daily Reminders.

Sunday – Have an attitude of gratitude for every lattitude!
Monday - Ask for advice and then take it!
Tuesday – Watch the Inagural festivities and celebrate too!
Wednesday – Go to the gym and say "HI" to everyone you see!
Thursday – Try a new look, color or hairdo or buy a wig!
Friday – Make it a girls or guys only night out!
Saturday - Drop something you don't need off at The Salvation Army

Remember, Thou Shalt Not Whine,
Then your life will be divine!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Whine Time with January Jones at Taylor Made - adidas Golf.

World Series of Golf, January Jones to be sponsored by Taylor Made - adidas Golf!

As you may know, January Jones, the professional author and pretend golfer, will be playing in The World Series of Golf in Las Vegas on May 12-14, 2009 to be televised on CBS Sports prior to the US Open on June 21, 2009. I will be one of 3 women in a field of 125 in 5 different flights. Needless to say I will be in the 5th flight. That one is for high handicappers in golf and in life.

The good news is that Taylor Made - adidas Golf will be sponsoring me with new golf clubs, a tournament golf bag, clothes, shoes and even sunglasses. So no matter how I play, I should look good which is the most important thing at my stage in life.

I had a great time at the Taylor Made Kingdom in Carlsbad, CA with Sandy Lane and Alan Stone as you can see from the video above.

Alan is in charge of fitting me for the perfect clubs that will make anything possible and maybe even my own impossible dream. Sandy will be outfitting me so I will look age appropriate and camera ready. I plan to have my wardrobe totally coordinated to my book cover with Thou Shalt Not Whine's red/yellow/black theme.

I will be meeting up with Sandy at the PGA convention in Orlando at the end of the month. Taylor Made - adidas Golf will be sending me some color co-ordinated outfits to wear so I will be modeling them here on my blog from Orlando.

Now all I have to do it learn how to play golf before May 12th!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Whine Time January Jones Daily Reminders Week Three

January Jones, The Whine Tester's
Week Three Daily Reminders:

Sunday – Have an attitude of gratitude!
Monday - Ask for advice and try to follow it!
Tuesday – Don’t worry so much & try smiling!
Wednesday – Go to the gym or take a walk!
Thursday – Try a new look, color or hairdo!
Friday – Make it a girls/guys only night out!
Saturday - Go to the mall to people watch!

Dare to Dream and Deborah Dachinger:

Deborah and I did a really fun interview this week and it will be posted on January 28th so I will be sending that out with my weekly e-zine. Be sure to sign up at with your name and e-mail and then tell all your friends about it too.

Today I'm off to Carlsbad to visit the Taylor Made - adidas Golf Kingdom. They will be fitting me for some new golf clubs to use when I play in The World Series of Golf in Las Vegas this coming May 2009! It should really be funny when they see my rather unconventional, quite unorthodox swing. I hope they don't change theri mind about sponosoring this decrepit, senior female hacker. I'll report back and wish me luck, I'll need it.

Remember, Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!
Then the sun will shine and your life will be divine!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Jones, Whine Tester Weekly Reminders for January

I forgot to post these reminders for the first two weeks of the New Year, so you can try to do them all at one time or in a few days. Then you'll be ready for the next posting tomorrow!

January 2009
First Week Reminders:

You can have a "Joyous January" if you can do the things below:

Sunday – Wish upon a star and be who you are!
Monday – Smile at a stranger but make sure it isn't a scary or crazy one!
Tuesday – Call up an old friend and disguise your voice!
Wednesday – Sing in the shower and do an encore for more.
Thursday – Go for a walk with someone who will make you laugh!
Friday – Take a friend to lunch and order Eggs Benedict.
Saturday - Take a nap and not feel guilty.

Second Week Reminders:

Sunday –Talk to an animal or a child, believe me, they are everywhere!
Monday – Laugh out loud and then do it again!
Tuesday – Breathe deeply but don't pass out!
Wednesday - Donate old clothes and then buy some new ones.
Thursday – Read a book and try to remember who wrote it!
Friday – Stay up late and sleep in and then don't make the bed!
Saturday – Clean a dresser drawer and think of your mother!

Good luck and there will be a new list every Sunday which just happens to be tomorrow!

Bookish Mom reviews Thou Shalt Not Whine...The Eleventh Commandment

I just came across this lovely review from The Bookish Mom that I would love to share with my fellow bloggers.

Thou Shalt Not Whine by January Jones
THOU SHALT NOT WHINE: The Eleventh Commandment- What We Whine About, Why We Do It and How to Stop! by January Jones

As a whiner myself, I knew immediately, when I saw this book available for review, that I needed to read it. I know an excuse is an excuse- no matter how genuine or real. However, in my defense, I do come by the whining honestly. Seriously, I think it's genetic! hehe I'm a whiner, my mum's a whiner, and my grandmother (my mum's mom) is a whiner. Oh, yah, and my girls, they're 3 and 5, have been taking up mommy's whining themselves lately. Oi! What have I done?!? Obviously, you can see why I'd be an ideal candidate to read this book.

Thou Shalt Not Whine by January Jones was both laugh out loud hiliarious and brutally honest. Broken down in to the following eleven chapters, each is perfectly geared towards an individual group of people:

Baby Boomers
Best Friends

Each chapter is then broken down in to the Top Ten Whines for each group. (Example: The number one whine for Children is apparently Bedtime [Luckily not a whine I personally have to deal with from my girls- woot!], closely followed by Sharing, and then Taking Turns.) January then goes on to discuss the cause behind each individual whine and the necessary action to cure and stop it in its tracks. Some of the cures come from a rather common sense approach, while through others January gives ideas or concepts that readers might not otherwise have thought of on their own.

Now not all chapters may completely apply to each reader as not all readers will be in the same life stages as other. For instance, I'm not single nor am I a man or a grandparent. However, even if each group isn't an exact match for the reader, he or she will undoubtedly have someone in their life that is in one of those stages. Therein he or she will be able to see how/why those people whine, and also be able to later offer this book to them for their own reading pleasure.

I hope having read this book I'll be now able to more effectively curb my own whiny nature and be better adept at helping my girls break the cycle of their own learned whininess. It's very easy to accept the label of whiner when it's just me, but thinking about it on a grander scale and how my whininess is likely to affect those around me makes me disgusted with myself. Whiners are annoying, obnoxious, and rude. And I'd like to say that from now on I'm going to not be one of the people this book was written about. Granted, it did take me 27 years to perfect the art, so I don't exactly expect to stop cold turkey over night. I will most definitely be taking the principals in January's book to heart though, and doing my best to apply them to my own life.

**I'd like to thank Lisa from Online Publicist for allowing me this review opportunity. So, THANK YOU, Lisa.**

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whine Time with January Jones, The Rainbow Golfer

Well it's Whine Time again with my first e-zine issue of 2009! Happy New Year and I hope you enjoy reading it.

If you do please be sure to go to my website at and sign up with your name and e-mail, then you'll be added to the list and will receive an alomost weekly e-zine.

This way you can read excerpts from my book without having to buy the whole thing.

As you can see from the picture, I am getting ready for the World Series of Golf competition in Las Vegas in May. 2009 We were practicing at the Princeville Course in Hawaii when this rainbow appeared over my head. I'm hoping that this is my lucky rainbow and a really, really good omen.

I'll tell you more about the golf training program that I will be starting with my coach Roger Gunn as soon as I recover from my nose and foot surgeries. Believe me, it's not easy trying to become a reality golf personality and not make a fool of myself!

Welcome to Whine Time:
Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!

Happy New Year to You and Yours!

Remember, Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!
Before we all look forward to an astonishing, amazing and amusing New Year, I'd like to share with you a really, really fun interview that I did with
Erskine On Radio.
We took a look back with some comments about:
The Top Ten Whines, Whiners, Winners
& Good Sports of 2008!
Erskine is just about one of the best interviewers around and I hope you enjoy listening to his show as much as I enjoyed being his guest.
Just click the link below and enjoy the show:

For your reading pleasure, I have included an excerpt from my book, Thou Shalt Not Whine about
Teenagers and Whining.
Now sit back and enjoy reading :
Chapter Two


From my own experience as a teenager and then raising four, I can honestly say that teenagers and whining go together like curfews and cars. The reality is that before you have babies, nobody ever tells you the truth about teenagers. If anyone did, then it would probably be the end of civilization as we know it.

I’ve noticed that teens are always whining about having nothing to do, yet they are always too busy if you need them to do something for you. Also, they love to whine about ephemeral matters that all parents know are only part of the growing pains that all teenagers go through. But just try explaining this to your growing teenager.

Watching your own children go through the sometimes tragic trials and tribulations of a normal adolescence is like living through a bad case of the flu. It’s horrible, but you have to remember that even though there’s no cure, eventually it will get better and go away. And then they will go away…and find new things to whine about. Therefore, it’s always good to keep in mind that a whining teenager at home is easier to handle and heal than a whining adult child adrift in the world. Now try not to worry. Even if time doesn’t stand still, you still may have time.

"You know your children are becoming teenagers when they stop asking where they came from and start refusing to tell you where they’re going."
January Jones

Top Ten Teenagers’ Whines

#1 TV and Computers
#2 Homework and Grades
#3 Money
#4 Curfew
#5 Driving
#6 Dating
#7 Popularity
#8 Weight
#9 Zits and Blemishes
#10 Peer Pressure

A stage between infancy and adultery.
Ambrose Bierce

Best Overall Remedy for Whining Teenagers

The Time Out or You’re Grounded Cure

This is a theory as old as the invention of clocks. Most people are familiar with the time-out process, which is traditionally used mostly for young children. Basically, it involves a time of silence and solitary reflection for whining children until they can pull themselves together and re-join their parents or peers.

I personally never used it with my children when they were young. As I’ve already mentioned, my children seldom whined, having been exposed to the Norwegian Ris-pa-rumpin Cure. When they became teenagers, though, I used it constantly, adjusting its title to the “You Are Grounded!” cure. I once grounded my out-all-night daughter for thirty years.
Both she and I can happily report to you that thirty years goes by rather quickly.

Years later, this same daughter uses the time-out cure quite effectively with her twins. The amount of time spent in the time-out starts with an amount of minutes equaling their age on the first infraction, and goes up one minute for every subsequent instance of undue whining. I can’t wait to see how she calculates her grounding schedule once time marches on and they get a little older.

"You don’t have to be a poet to suffer.
Adolescence is enough suffering for anyone."
John Ciardi

Thou Shalt Not Whine...The Eleventh Commandment
by January Jones
Beaufort Books: 2008

The Whine Tester BLOG:
Happy New Year from The Whine Tester.

Read all about the relatives, trips, upcoming events and some rainbow days!


Coming Soon: 2009!
Interview KCLA Dare to Dream on (ARN)
American Radio Network
with Deborah Dachinger on Wednesday, January 28, 2009 from 8:30-9:00 PM PST
Remember, Thous Shalt Not Whine in 2009!
Be sure to send any suggestions or comments you may have to asap!

Now, Stop Whining and Start Smiling
and if that doesn't work then Start Eating Chocolate!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to January Jones, the actress from January, the author.

I just wanted to wish January Jones, the actress a most Happy Birthday as she turns 31 years old from January Jones, the author as she wishes she were just 31 years old.

Ms. Jones, the actress, is such a gorgeous gal with an amazing future ahead of her. If you haven't seen her yet, she stars on Mad Men and the camera not only loves her, it adores her. She reminds me a a young Grace Kelly only prettier.

Obviously, her mother picked a great name for her daughter celebrating her birth month. Everyone always assumes that I was born in January too but not so. However, having given birth to two daughters in January, I feel it is my surrogate mother month.

It's a great name just because everyone remembers it. I hope now that it won't become too trendy with lots of little Januaries running around. If that happens, I will go back to the drawing board and re-emerge as June or July Jones.

Remember, whatever your name, Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!

Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!

December 31, 2008

Welcome to Whine Time:

Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!

Click below for January's YouTube welcome and introduction to her Top Ten List & holiday interviews

The 2008 Top Ten Lists of Whines,
Whiners, Winners & Good Sports.

January Jones: 2008 Top 10 Whines, Winners, Whiners & Good Sports

Top Ten Whines: "Do we have enough time?"

1. Economy - No one has enough except CEOs, celebrities and crooks.

2. Bail Out - No one is happy and who is going to bail out the bail out?

3. Automakers - So sad, they had to leave their private jets at home!

4. War - Enough is enough, with too, too much money and military.

5. Healthcare - Why is it easier to die than to get treatment?

6. Weather - Do you think global warming might be for real?

7. Elections - Been there, done that, too long, too boring and too stupid.

8. Gas prices - Do you think that we are pawns of some Texas/Saudi OIL men?

9. Air Travel - Too scary, too crowded, too expensive and too much time!

10. Politicians - Are they all crooks or does it just seem that way?

Top Ten Winners: "Who says you can't have it all?"

1. Obama - Historic, handsome and gracious President-elect.

2. Oprah- Despite her usual diet drama everyone loves her.

3. Michael Phelps - 8 gold medals and he's still an all-American nice guy.

4. Tina Fey - Bright, beautiful and brilliant bombshell.

5. Angelina & Brad - Ideal couple, children, career, charity and Benjamin!

6. Jon Stewart - Clever, comedic, cute class clown that never grew up.

7. Anderson Cooper -Tall, wealthy, handsome, clever, dare-devil with charisma.

8. Bonnie Hunt - A mother's dream daughter, refreshingly frank and funny!

9. Regis Philbin- The King of Whining, TV's oldest and wealthiest whiner.

10. Bernard Madoff - Stole $50 Billion and is just surviving on "Mansion Arrest."

Top Ten Whiners: "So many, so little space!"

1. Chicago Governor Blagojevich - This guy is not only delusional, he's demented.

2. Alaska Senator Stevens - This guy is not only a crook, he is a creep!

3. Fox News- Sean Hannity & PaPa Bear whine even more than Colbert.

4. New York Governor Eliot Spitzer - Horny, hookers and hopelessly stupid.

5. Rosie O'Donnell - Everybody loves to bash Rosie, big target with big heart.

6. Bill Maher - This man is trying to get burned at the stake.

7. Stephen Colbert - Belligerent, bombastic and brilliant.

8. O.J. Simpson - So smart and then stupid, stupider and stupidest man alive!

9. Joy Behar - The only original View survivor! Watch out Elisabeth!

10. Jack Nicholson - "Can't pick up on girls in public like I used to."

Top Ten Good Sports: "If you're not a whiner or a winner, be a good sport!"

1. Sarah Palin - SNL was the highlight of her campaign thanks to Tina Fey!

2. Joe Biden - He is who he is with no apologies.

3. Hillary Clinton - It not easy being a loser or being married to Bill.

4. Paul Newman - Handsome, heroic, helpful and honorable HUSBAND!

5. Michelle Obama - She makes marriage and motherhood matter.

6. John McCain - Gracious concession speech plus great talk show guest.

7. Jennifer Aniston - Despite insensitivity in others, she's sensitive and smiling.

8. Clint Eastwood -A Grand Man in a Gran Torino who still makes our day!

9. Kelly Ripa - Regis sidekick, so sweet, so smart, so savvy and so solvent.

10. Laura Bush -Lovely Lady who stands by her man despite some stupid statements with gruesome grammar.

Remember, Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!

It's the most wonderful time of the year and now that all the hustle and bustle are over it is time to Whine Down!

I have chosen an inspiring interview that I did this year as a little Holiday gift for you to enjoy.

My guest is Steve Wilson founder of the World laughter Tour. An award-winning international personality on the field of therapeutic humor and laughter, Steve's personal warmth, educational credentials and business consulting experience strike just the right balance to help people and organizations increase productivity, get the absolute most from themselves...and love every minute of it.

Now sit back and relax with a cup of tea or hot chocolate & click the link below to listen to our show:

Then I have a really, really fun interview that I did on Christmas eve morning with Mary Jane Popp on her PoppOff syndicated radio show from KIAM 950:

Just click the link below and enjoy the show:

I have included an excerpt from my book for parents who are dealing with whining children during this holiday season.

Now sit back and enjoy reading about :

Best Overall Remedy for Whining Children

The Norwegian Ris-pa-rumpin Cure

This valuable method for curbing whining in children was brought to this country by my husband's Norwegian parents. We called them BaBa and MorMor. They were wise and wonderful, and dearly loved by their entire family, especially their grandchildren. When any of them began whining about anything, asking the child a simple question initiated the cure: "Do you want a Ris-pa-rumpin?" It is not so much the question as it is the manner in which it is asked that makes it such an effective method.

You may ask, "What is a Ris-pa-rumpin?" As far as I can explain, it is our Norwegian family's word for a little love pat that is applied gently and lovingly to a child's bottom. What makes this cure so amazingly effective is that every parent or grandparent can style their own delivery for maximum effect. My husband would take the child quite firmly by the arm and stare straight into their eyes when asking them if they really wanted a Ris-pa-rumpin.

Truthfully, I have never heard a child respond with a "yes" to this question. And in case you may want to report us to the child protective services, the actual Ris-pa-rumpin cure has never had to be used in our family that I can remember! As for our children, don't believe a thing they say as their memories are not to be trusted after so many years.

Excerpted:Thou Shalt Not Whine...The Eleventh Commandment
by January Jones
Beaufort Books: 2008

The Whine Tester BLOG:
Happy Holidays from The Whine Tester and family and now meet the newest member of our family.

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Interview with Rob McCampbell on The x-Zone!!

Remember, Thous Shalt Not Whine in 2009!

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Now, Stop Whining and Start Smiling
and if that doesn't work then Start Eating Chocolate!!!