Saturday, January 10, 2009

January Jones, Whine Tester Weekly Reminders for January

I forgot to post these reminders for the first two weeks of the New Year, so you can try to do them all at one time or in a few days. Then you'll be ready for the next posting tomorrow!

January 2009
First Week Reminders:

You can have a "Joyous January" if you can do the things below:

Sunday – Wish upon a star and be who you are!
Monday – Smile at a stranger but make sure it isn't a scary or crazy one!
Tuesday – Call up an old friend and disguise your voice!
Wednesday – Sing in the shower and do an encore for more.
Thursday – Go for a walk with someone who will make you laugh!
Friday – Take a friend to lunch and order Eggs Benedict.
Saturday - Take a nap and not feel guilty.

Second Week Reminders:

Sunday –Talk to an animal or a child, believe me, they are everywhere!
Monday – Laugh out loud and then do it again!
Tuesday – Breathe deeply but don't pass out!
Wednesday - Donate old clothes and then buy some new ones.
Thursday – Read a book and try to remember who wrote it!
Friday – Stay up late and sleep in and then don't make the bed!
Saturday – Clean a dresser drawer and think of your mother!

Good luck and there will be a new list every Sunday which just happens to be tomorrow!

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