Thursday, January 29, 2009

January Jones Gets Golf Tips From David Leadbetter and Butch Harmon

The PGA Merchandise Show is a golfer's paradise. I was just walking up and down the aisle's and was able to get some great advice and encouragement from two of the greatest golf teachers in the world. Once I told them that I was playing in the World Series of Golf as a "chronologically challenged competitor" they were so helpful. David Leadbetter told me to play within myself (that could be a problem) and to practice my chipping and putting.

My chipping could be problem but putting is my favorite part of the game since I got my new custom made GX1 with my named engraved today from Yar Golf.

Taylor Made - adidas Golf sent me the greatest outfits to wear and they all match my book cover.
It's not how you play but how you look that's important for women!

Butch Harmon is the exact same age as myself and he told me to be sure to not over train and get injured before the tournament in May. So now I have an excuse to pace myself and not go overboard practicing!

I met so many more great players like in Annika and Boo. and many more. There will be more pictures and stories tomorrow. I'll keep you posted on all my goflfing adventures in Orlando! This so much fun!!!

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