Monday, January 12, 2009

Whine Time January Jones Daily Reminders Week Three

January Jones, The Whine Tester's
Week Three Daily Reminders:

Sunday – Have an attitude of gratitude!
Monday - Ask for advice and try to follow it!
Tuesday – Don’t worry so much & try smiling!
Wednesday – Go to the gym or take a walk!
Thursday – Try a new look, color or hairdo!
Friday – Make it a girls/guys only night out!
Saturday - Go to the mall to people watch!

Dare to Dream and Deborah Dachinger:

Deborah and I did a really fun interview this week and it will be posted on January 28th so I will be sending that out with my weekly e-zine. Be sure to sign up at with your name and e-mail and then tell all your friends about it too.

Today I'm off to Carlsbad to visit the Taylor Made - adidas Golf Kingdom. They will be fitting me for some new golf clubs to use when I play in The World Series of Golf in Las Vegas this coming May 2009! It should really be funny when they see my rather unconventional, quite unorthodox swing. I hope they don't change theri mind about sponosoring this decrepit, senior female hacker. I'll report back and wish me luck, I'll need it.

Remember, Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!
Then the sun will shine and your life will be divine!

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