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January Jones Whine Time e-zine 1/18/09

Whine Time with January Jones January 18, 2009

Welcome to Whine Time:
There's lots of big news about
Thou Shalt Not Whine...The Eleventh Commandment and January Jones

Click the link below to see an interview with
January Jones at The Taylor Made - adidas Golf facility in Carlsbad, CA. with Sandy Lane
and Alan Stone.

Taylor Made - adidas Golf will be sponsoring Ms. Jones in The World Series of Golf to be televised on CBS Sports prior to The US Open in June 2009.

There will be more news coming soon from The PGA Convention in Orlando, Florida where January will be signing books at the Yar Golf Booth to raise money for our veterans with The PGA Adaptive Golf Program.

Ms. Jones will be the Yar Golf's National Spokeswoman promoting the revolutionary GX1 putter that will be launched in Orlando.

The GREAT news Thou Shalt Not Whine,
Voted the #1 Best Book to be given Anonymously by RA (Readers Anonymous)

I am very pleased to share with you a review that was posted this morning about
Thou Shalt Not Whine by Deena Peterson from A Peek at my Bookshelf.

Saturday, January 17, 2009 Thou Shalt Not Whine by January Jones

Why did I take so long to read this book? What was the matter with me? When will I ever learn?

Okay, enough with the whining! January Jones' book discusses the eleventh commandment, one that is heavily enforced in the Peterson household: "Thou Shalt Not Whine". And is she ever on the money!

Calling herself the original whine-tester, January discusses whines of all types and for all reasons. Sections devoted to everyone from children to teenagers to boomers and more, each including the Top Ten Whines and how to counteract them.

Some of January's advice is obviously humor-laced and tongue in cheek, which I LOVE! This author's sense of humor is right up my alley! But she also shares some good tid-bits to store away for a whiny day (HA! Made that up myself--January, you're rubbing off on me!).

I think my favorite portion of the book would have to be the quotes. Each whine opens with a quote, and January includes a boatload of quotations in the back of her book. Some made me laugh; some made me think--and even a few made me grimace in "ooh, that's me" style.

An original by January herself really tickled me: There's only one way to raise kids. Unfortunately, no one knows what it is. And one more: "It's hard to decide whether growing pains are something teenagers have, or are."

See what I mean? I LOVE THIS WOMAN!

Something else to love about January's book is her interactive style. You can visit her website and submit your OWN whining data. Share a story with January and you might even see it in print one day.

Kind of like Chicken Soup for the Whiner's Soul ("It's too hot! Not enough noodles!" LOL!). This book is a favorite of mine and is going on the keeper shelf...not many books make it to that shelf.

I'm giving "Thou Shalt Not Whine" the Golden Bookmark for writing and humor excellence, with a bunch of golden grapes as a charm...can't get any "whine" out of those grapes...they're golden.

And no whining about that!
Thank you to Deena from January!

Now A Sure Fire Cure for The New Year (especially at Super Bowl Time)

Best Overall Remedy for Whining Men

The Sports Talk Cure

I created this cure with men in mind, but it will work just as well for anyone whose DNA is encrypted with a love of sports. No matter what the complaint may be, if you can change the subject to a sports question or observation, all whining will cease. Men, and especially boys, can easily be distracted by anything relating to their favorite game or team. Sports talk can transport them to their fantasy world, where they are superstars and their teams always win.

Unfortunately, this can backfire if they have just suffered a big loss. Anytime this happens, they are vulnerable to intense whining in order to relieve the pain. Is it something about the thrill of victory versus the agony of defeat? It doesn't matter whether it is a pick-up game on a sandlot or the World Series--the pain of losing is always unbearable for most men. After a big loss, it is best to just let men be alone or with other men who are losers too.

Once they have recovered, which depends on the severity of their loss, they will bounce right back to get ready for the next season. The nice thing about the sports talk cure is that you will never run out of material with which to bewitch whining men.

Excerpted: Thou Shalt Not Whine...The Eleventh Commandment by January Jones Beaufort Books: 2008

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January 26, 2009 NACE Spech Marina Del Rey, CA
January 28, 2009 Dare to Dream Interview KCLA
January 29-31, 2009 PGA Convention Orlando, FL

Remember, Stop Whining and Start Smiling
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