Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eric Shaw & January Jones Discover Championship Networking

Second thing to remember, women have a problem networking there but I think that shoe stores might work the same way for women. 

Third thing to remember, God gave us two ears and one mouth so we'd better learn to do twice the listening instead of once more all the talking. 

Eric seemed to like my book since he is most definitely not a WHINER but rather a big time WINNER!

I like his positive approach to life and I'm challenging him to put his networking talents to work helping me with my Grandparent's Day internet promotion on that will hopefully get my book a #1 ranking and to help out The Boys & Girls Clubs at the same time. 

Remember Stop Whining and Start Smiling and if that doesn't work for you, then you'd better start eating Chocolate, lots and lots of it.

Also you heard it here from January Jones, "Chocolate is the new Brocolli!"


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

STOP WHINING with Elliot Irving at WFLO at 10:15 am est T WFLO Richmond, VA Wednesday, August 12th

Tomorrow I'll be doing an interview with Elliot Irving at WFLO from Richmond, VA  10:15 am EST. We'll be talking about whining and "How to stop it!" 

The complaints, the causes and the cures will be explored and I'll even share some of my super secret 100% guaranteed cures. Listen in and you'll learn some new techniques plus get to visit with Elliot. He is so sweet that you'll feel like you've known him forever. 

As you can see, I'm back from the family reunion at Clearlake and it was terrific. There were about thirty of us all together and guess what? there was hardly any whining at all except for maybe at nap time. We had all six of our grandchildren with us which was so special for all of us. There was lots of jet skiing, boating and board surfing. MorMor even got wet. Now I want to buy a jet ski instead of a motorcycle. Reunions are better now that I'm The Savvy Granny and not The Mommy on 24/7 duty.

Clear Lake is definitely a NO Whine Zone. Ahsley, my beautiful, talented and amazing granddaughter, even found a small sign in Renee's Cafe that said, "Thou Shalt Not Whine." It seems everyone, even Renee, is on board for my Grandparent's Day internet campaign on Wednesday, September 3rd. 

Be sure to mark your calendar for that date and join me in helping The Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Also, let's see how far up we can get TSNW to place in the rankings at amazon and b& for that One Day 24 hr time period. 

Friday, August 1, 2008 Interviews with Tony DeMaio & Dr. Linda Henman, author of The Magnetic Boss

Today posted the interview that I did with Tony DeMaio  on my website at

Just click to January Jones Thou Shalt Not Whine and the interview with Tony is posted right below today's interview with Dr. Linda Henman.

In her book The Magnetic Boss, Linda shares with us her experiences treating and  helping the Pows from The Hanoi Hilton during the past forty years. It is an amazing interview a I know you'll enjoy hearing about all of Linda's experience the these brave men. 

Also I hope you can listen to the interview I did with Tony promoting my book.  I'm getting ready for the September 3rd launch  with more details to follow. It was so much fun turning the tables and being the one interviewed for a change. 

Right now I'm off to our family reunion at Clear Lake , CA. I'll fill you in on it when I get back next week.