Friday, August 1, 2008 Interviews with Tony DeMaio & Dr. Linda Henman, author of The Magnetic Boss

Today posted the interview that I did with Tony DeMaio  on my website at

Just click to January Jones Thou Shalt Not Whine and the interview with Tony is posted right below today's interview with Dr. Linda Henman.

In her book The Magnetic Boss, Linda shares with us her experiences treating and  helping the Pows from The Hanoi Hilton during the past forty years. It is an amazing interview a I know you'll enjoy hearing about all of Linda's experience the these brave men. 

Also I hope you can listen to the interview I did with Tony promoting my book.  I'm getting ready for the September 3rd launch  with more details to follow. It was so much fun turning the tables and being the one interviewed for a change. 

Right now I'm off to our family reunion at Clear Lake , CA. I'll fill you in on it when I get back next week.

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