Thursday, May 14, 2009

DAY One & Beyond: Andy Bloch and January Diss Joan Rivers

My Smiley/Whiney friends Andy Bloch, Danny Negreanu and Ray Romano

Here we are still in Vegas having a great time even if I did have to spend a little time consoling, Emily Gillette (wife of Penn) and Ray Romano as we all went down in the first round of The World Series of Golf. Emily and I were the only two women playing and you'll see us in action when the show airs on WGN.

I can't give you all the details but I can assure you that you will see me on camera when the show is on WGN the end of June.

I played in the group with the young, brilliant professional poker players Andy Bloch, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Danny Negreanu. We had so much fun and they all were wearing a Smiley/Whiney Pins by the end of our round. No whiners here ...........well maybe a little bit except for Danny who was our delightful winner!

Andy Bloch did an interview with me this am for my show and both Chris and Danny will be visiting with me soon on Whine Time. Andy and I dissed big time about how Joan Rivers attacked Annie Duke on Celebrity Apprentice.

Joan said, "All poker players were white trash!" Unbelievable!

Andy is a delight and has two electrical engineering degrees from MIT and a law degree from there Joan, can you top that? When you can try to listen to Andy's interview tomorrow along with John Slitz who is one of the creators of World Series of Golf. They are both delightful, funny and so interesting.

The All White Party was fabulous and I had so much fun chatting with Terry Fator, the headliner at the Mirage, and his cute little friend. Tonite we'll be at the closing party and then back to LA to get ready for the NCL Sun Cruise to Alaska leaving on Sunday from Vancouver. I will be the destination speaker with presentations on Alaska History, Gold Rush, Glaciers and Wildlife.

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