Saturday, May 23, 2009

NCL SUN Alaska Cruise Ship Smileys Only


We are headed home to Vancouver on our final day at sea. The seas are smooth and the weather is fabulous. I did the wild life presentation this morning with a big turn out. My crack team with Captain Leif and Rod Proctor gave me outstanding technical support and even laughed at my jokes.

I gave out free autographed copies of my book after each presentation and today two men, Noel Winzenried and Steve Meng, were the winners. Neither one of them are whiners but they assured me that they know plenty of whiners and they would spread my no whining message .

Tonight we will be going to the talent show put on by the ship’s crew. What a wonderful crew and they are all Smileys with no Whineys. There are 952 crew members with a full ship of 1900 passengers. After the shows, we’ll be packing our bags and getting ready to disembark in the am and catch our flight back to LA.

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