Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Final Countdown Day Six GLAMother Gets New Wedges and goes to Shank Hell

Sporty King shares with us How To Be Ugly on Whine Time with January Jones tomorrow at 9 am PT on Unique Lovable Gifted You!!

January Jones pictured with Bogie Bob who is her supplier and the man who feeds her addiction to find the perfect wedge!

FINAL COUNT DOWN SIX DAYS TO GO until World Series of Golf in Las Vegas!

So just when I was starting to feel cool, calm and collected about my golf game, it was time to try out some new wedges for that extra feel around the green. They are Tour Edition wedges which would mean that they were made for good golfers unlike myself.

Well to make a long story short, I tried them and at first I loved them but then I began to feel too cocky and ended up in Shank Hell. Moral of the story is that the Golf Gods do not like you to ever feel good about your game. It is a big No, No!!

I've learned my lesson and I'm back to eating humble pie with memories of Shank Hell still fresh in my mind! Hopefully Sporty will cheer me up tomorrow morning and tell me what G-O-L-F means!

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