Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back To Normal....With Memories of Jane L. Powell!

Gosh, it''s hard to believe that I've been home now a week since our Alaska Cruise on The NCL Sun. I'm maybe just starting to get back to normal. I've neglected my blog among other things but I've finally got my MoJo back!

I wanted to share this fabulous picture of the legendary Jane L. Powell and myself from our cruise. Jane was a headline performer with an amazing voice. She was fabulous both on the stage and off the stage with all of the passengers and crew. She is such a magnificent lady and beloved by everyone. I felt truly honored to make her acquaintance and enjoy her on stage.

Speaking of enjoying people, I had the honor of interviewing the wonderful Dr. Beth Erickson on Whine Time with January Jones last Thursday and I'm finally getting the world out. Dr. Beth is such a perfect guest with lots of great info presented in such a fun and easy going interview. I loved talking to her and hope you will find the time to listen to our interview. She is is a very wise and sensible women and a delightful guest.

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