Friday, May 22, 2009

Captain Tommy & Captain Leif both Lovers of Lutefisk!

The Captian's bridge on NCL SUN with glass floor window for checking things below.

NCL Sun Cruise May 22, 2009 Skagway was fabulous and the weather perfect. It is such a historical town and there were lots of lovely shops and townspeople (all 800 of them) around to welcome us. We rode The White Pass Railway to the top of Chilkoot Pass with great history and even greater views.

The highlight of our evening once back on board was The Chocolate Buffet last night. It was over the top and the perfect fantasy for a confirmed chocoholic like myself. I filled my plate but couldn’t even finish it. But I’m not whining about it.

Today is Leif’s birthday so we will be celebrating all day. We started out by giving my Alaskan Glacier presentation. It went really well with the action packed videos that are always fun to watch especially the one on glacier surfing.

The Norwegian Sun is headed south right now in open seas and we’re rock and rolling our way towards home. Tomorrow I will be giving the presentation on Alaskan wildlife. We had a new fellow join our crack traveling staff. Rod Proctor from Alberta Canada has been doing all the video and photo during my presentations. He is the greatest and his Mom is a real life Smiley.

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