Sunday, June 15, 2008

Part I: Tim Russert & Thou Shalt Not Whine Part II: Random Kid & Anne Ginther Part III: Wizard of OZ

Part I: What a shock it was for the world to hear that Tim Russert of Meet The Press had passed away on Friday. He was someone so special! You just loved him by looking at him and having read "Big Russ" his tribute to fatherhood, today seemed even sadder.

I was especially touched when Tom Brokaw revealed this morning on the NBC tribute for Tim that the first thing anyone saw when they went into Tim's offfice was a sign that said, "Thou Shalt Not Whine." 

As soon as my book is published, I plan to send a copy to Tim's family, so they know that his message is one that I will certainly try to spread. The world needs more people who's robust enjoyment of life is something that they share with everyone they meet, just like Tim Russert. He truly was a "prince" among men.

Part II: My interview this week on for my radio show Thou Shalt Not Whine is with Anne Ginther who is the President of Random Kid. She is an amazing young lady and has quite a story to share with everyone. Random Kid is an organization that was the idea of one kid. It's concept is helping kid to kid one kid at a time. They raised over $10 million to help the children after Hurricane Katrina. I hope you enjoy the interview and to find out more just go to 

Part III: Speaking of kids, I want to brag about my goddaughter, Jennifer Bounce, who was the star at her school production of The Wizard of OZ. From the moment she stepped out on the stage alone to sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," the audience was enchanted. I was so proud of her and all her classmates for creating such a fantastic production.  

That's what life is all about Kids, Special People and Not Whining!  

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