Thursday, June 12, 2008

G. Gordon Liddy & Lighthouse International & Mancow Next

G. Gordon Liddy of Radio America was at the Talker's Magazine New Media Seminar giving the introduction for the annual presentation of the Young American Broadcasters Scholarships. 

Mr. Liddy is a very pleasant man with a low key demeanor. He doesn't say much but seems to be taking in everything and everyone surrounding him.  I think is operating on a different level than most people, especially me. 

I offered to give him one of my Smiley/Whiney Pins to wear but he politely declined. As you can see, he already wears a lot of other medals and awards. I think I'll send him one anyways. He certainly knows about smiling and not whining. 

The event was at Lighthouse International which is a wonderful organization that has been helping blind people for many years. Dr. Bruce Rosenthal, OD, FAAO Chief, Low Vision was kind enough to give all of us an eye exam in the lobby. He used a state of the art machine that did a quick x-ray of the entire eyeball and then it was right there on his computer screen. It was quite amazing. Turns out, I have something irregular on my right eye and will be going to have it checked out asap.   So this trip turned out to be medicinal as well as amazing, astonishing and very, very amusing.

Tomorrow I'll tell you about meeting up with "Mancow" again. He's the really crazy, out of control talk show host from Chicago. I've been on his show twice and he was an angel with me. I think I must remind him of his Granny.   

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