Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here's Barbara Walters at BEA and Allen Klein, The Jollyologist

I forgot to post this picture of Barbara signing books at BEA.  As I wrote before, she is so, so very tiny but so, so very elegant. to bad she didn't date Ted Turner then we really would have heard some good dirt.

Be sure to listen to my radio show this week with Allen Klein, the Jollyologist who is one of my favorite humorists. Actually I met Allen on the AATH conference cruise to Mexico earlier this year. He is the one who gave me my red clown nose which I am proudly wearing on my YouTube introduction of Allen for this show.

I'm off tomorrow to New York to meet up with Irwin Zucker at the Talker's Magazine's New Media Seminar with over 65 speakers on talk radio and internet radio and podcasting.

I'm hoping to meet Sean Hannity and his cohorts! I will be gone for a few days and I'm not taking my computer so I can really have a holiday. I'll report back on Sunday and fill you in on the Big Apple.   

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