Friday, February 6, 2009

January Jones & Mr. Smiley at The PGA Merchandise Show

Here's a great big, heartfelt "Thank You" to all my friends at Yar Golf, Taylor Made - adidas Golf, JH Gloves and especially Bogie Bob from January Jones and Mr. Smiley!

We are finally home after one of the best promotional events that I have ever attended. The PGA Merchandise Show was amazing, astounding and absolutely the most fun Mr. Smiley and I have had ever since he made the traveling team.

Actually, this was Mr. Smiley's first trip and truthfully he was the hit of the show. If I had been able to clone him, we would have sold out the first day. Also we discovered that he is the biggest "Chick and Child Magnet" in the world. As you can see, everyone loved him and he loved them right back doing all of his tricks non-stop from morning to night.

We had quite a time networking and meeting some of the biggest names in golf...names like Annika, Lorena, Boo and Butch. Everyone loved my book and I picked up all sorts of tips for my World Series of Golf Tournament in Las Vegas on May 12th. I'll be sharing the all the secret tips with all of you since I know you can keep secrets too!

The best news was that I got my official engraved GX1 Yar putter and it's the most amazing putter that I have ever used. I absolutely love it. I am the spokeswoman but I'd play with it even if I had to pay for it. I'm the one who loved it at first putt last year in Vegas and now I love it even more. Plus all the folks working for Yar Golf are the best ever. this is really a Smiley group and they adopted Mr. Smiley as the Yar Golf mascot.

I didn't know this but the putter was originally created to allow one-armed veterans from the Iraq War to be able to play golf. However it is the perfect putter for "Chronologically Challenged Competitors" like myself who never, ever want to bend over again to pick up a ball, ball marker or putter.

When I arrived, Taylor Made - adidas Golf had shipped my new wardrobe to the hotel. I was in heaven with all sorts of new outfits from Taylor Made and Ashworth. How did they know that shoes (and especially golf shoes) are my not so secret passion? The outfits and shoes are to die for and I almost did when I had to walk back and forth everyday at the biggest golf event in the country and the world. We must have walked at least 20 miles a day and I'm not kidding!

I can't forget to mentions my great JH Gloves that were especially made in red and yellow to match the cover of my book. As any woman knows it's not about how you play the game but how you look when you actually do play!

I've lots more good stuff to share and more secrets.

In the meantime, Remember...Thou Shalt Not Whine and then... Thou Shalt Look Divine!


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January Jones The Whine tester said...

I did visit you blog and your works are wonderful. Thanks you so much for sharing them with me. I'm curious to know how you found my blog?