Friday, February 13, 2009

January Jones Seeking Solutions with Suzanne Roberts and Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner and Suzanne Roberts!

This was quite a week! It started on Monday when I flew back to Philadelphia to be a guest on "Seeking Solutions with Suzanne" hosted by Suzanne Roberts. We taped the show on Tuesday morning and Ms. Roberts, who is a proud 86 year old, was the most gracious hostess and everyone on her set were wonderful too!

Of course, I loved getting my make-up and hair done with lots of goodies in the green room . As for the set, it is to die for. It was so warm and welcoming that I wished I could live there all the time. Plus, the food was fabulous and the entire crew were delightful. Especially my segment producer, Laurie Jentes, who is absolutely the best.

On the show our topic was "Dying without Whining" from my book, Thou Shalt Not Whine and we had a fun filled time with a really tough topic. It truly was a girl talk session with two "chronologically challenged" gals who came up with some really innovative solutions for whining about dying and lot of other whines too!

I'll let you know when the show will be televised on CN8 and then a five minute segment on CNN Headlines News to follow.

Then on Friday, Robert Wagner spent his birthday with all of his fans at our home town library.
As you can see we traded books, with his Pieces of My Heart and TSNW, and shared a few laughs. R. J. is still one of the most handsome men around our town and one of the most gracious.

He is going to pass TSNW on to his gorgeous daughter, Katie Wagner who co-hosted the evening with her Dad. Her son is adorable and just as handsome as his Grandfather.

It doesn't get much better than a week with "The Two Roberts!'

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