Thursday, February 19, 2009

January Meets from David Leadbetter at PGA Show

BE SURE TO LISTEN: To what Mr. Leadbetter has to say! It could help you too!

Presenting: Mr. David Leadbetter and Mr. Smiley, too!

Things are getting back to normal, whatever that is, around here and we're editing my DVD from The PGA Show with Golf Tips from the Experts to help me get ready for The World Series of Golf on May 13th. Here is a sneak preview of the interview that I did with the world famous instructor, David Leadbetter. It was so great to meet him in person and get to chat with him for a short time.

He was so sweet and genuinely reassuring. I'm hoping some of his calm, cool manner will rub off on me. We're off to Las Vegas this weekend to play a practice round for the tournament. It will be a trial run so the competitors can get use to the poker format. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully palying well enough not to be embarrassed.

Also, I'm also getting ready to launch my new LIVE radio show "Whine Time with January Jones" on on Thursday, March 5th at 9:00 am PST. Right now I'm working with my wonderful producer, Jon Missall and I think we'll have some great shows lined up and ready to go by launch time with "Whine Time."

I'll get back to you after the Vegas practice golf round and then some poker practice too!

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