Monday, March 9, 2009

January Jones and The GX1 Yar Putter

The Yar Golf Gang with Phil, Dr. V, January, Gerri and Jeff

Putting can be pure pleasure! No more whining about putting or having to bend down to pick up your golf ball ever again! The GX1 is my Go To Answer!

I wanted to share with you the fun interview I did with Jeff Raymond at The PGA Show in Orlando featuring the Yar Golf GX1 putter. This is the most amazing putter that I have ever held in my hands and believe me ( like most golfers) I've tried lots, and lots of them! I discovered the putter at the Las Vegas PGA show last August when I demo-ed it and fell in love with it.

I am now the national spokeswoman for Yar Golf and the GX1 and proud to share it with all the "chronologically challenged competitors" out there. If you want to hear more about it be sure to listen to my radio show "Whine Time with January Jones" at every Thursday at 9 am PST.

My special guest this week will be Phil Kinney and we'll be telling you all about the fun time we are having promoting the biggest innovation in golf. Personally I think it's magic but Phil will tell us all about the physics involved in creating such an amazing putter.

Now just what does Yar mean? Well you will just have to tune into the show and you'll find out about the name and many other fun facts on our special version of TEE Talk for Two on this coming Thursday!

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