Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Ten List of GOOD SPORTS 2008 compiled by January Jones

Happy New Year's Eve to You and Yours!

Remember, Thou Shalt Not Whine in 2009!

Before you start making your New Year's resolutions, take a moment to reflect on all the wonderful things that have happened this past year.

Granted, we all have had some things take place that are cause for WHINING but try to remember the Good Times not the Whine Times!

It's been quite an amazing year with some really Good Sports on the front pages. All of the people on my 2008 List of Good Sports this year have lived their lives publicly with grace and good humor. They are people we can admire and try to emulate.

Here it is:

The January Jones 2008 Top Ten Good Sports

"If you can't be a whiner or a winner, at least be a good sport." January Jones

#1. Sarah Palin - SNL was the highlight of her campaign thanks to Tina Fey!

#2. Joe Biden - He is who he is with no apologies & he loves dogs!

#3. Hillary Clinton - It's not easy being a loser or being married to Bill.

#4. Paul Newman - Handsome, heroic, helpful and honorable HUSBAND!

#5. Michelle Obama - She makes marriage and motherhood matter.

#6. John McCain - Gracious concession speech plus great talk show guest.

#7. Jennifer Aniston - Despite insensitivity in others, she's sensitive and smiling.

#8. Clint Eastwood - A Grand man in a Gran Torino who still makes our day.

#9. Kelly Ripa - Regis' sidekick, so sweet, so smart, so savvy and so solvent.

#10. Laura Bush - Lovely lady who stands by her man despite soem stupid statements.

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