Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Take Home Chef Curtis Stone Blurb for Thou Shalt Not Whine

Everyday we TiVo The Take Home Chef starring the Australian Lad Curtis Stone on The Learning Channel. 

The show is a hoot and Curtis is an amazing host with so much charm, humor and really, really good looks. The show's concept is one of the more amusing reality entertainments on the air. 

Curtis literally picks up people in supermarkets, shops with them and then takes them home to cook a surprise meal for their partner.  

I hosted Curtis on my radio show Thou Shalt Not Whine on www.bigmediausa.com and the if you get a chance go to the archive and listen to a fabulous interview even if I do say so myself.

Then after the show Curtis sent us his cookbook with a special message for my non-cooking husband. Also, he wrote a lovely blurb for my book which I will share with you right now. Obviously, we both share a major choco-holic addiction.

"As to January's chocolate cure for whining, I am a self-confessed chocolate lover. Anything with chocolate makes me drool."
                Curtis Stone, author of Cooking With Curtis 

Remember stop whining right now and it that doesn't work then you'd better start eating chocolate, lots and lots of it.  January Jones

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