Saturday, July 12, 2008

Phil Gramm & John McCain Whining about Whining Thou Shalt Not Whine to the Rescue

I can't believe it but now the latest political controversy is all about whining about whining.

Apparently Senator Phil Gramm who is/was one of John McCain's closest advisors was recently whining about all the whining that is going on in the country.  

As I've always said (and the reason I wrote my book) this is going to be a great year for whining. Between the elections, the economy, the environment and everything else, it is Whine Time and there's enough to go around for everyone. 

Unfortunately, my book won't be in book stores until the middle of August but that didn't keep my new little, adorable friend on the cruise ship from reading it and having a good laugh with me. She deals with whiners all day long and has the perfect solution for them. It comes in a tall glass, with a little paper umbrella with lots of pineapple and cherries and just s touch of dark rum. There's absolutely No whining after drinking one of those.    

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