Monday, July 21, 2008

50 Reasons Not to Have Kids by Joe Sidoni

I did a really fun and funny interview with my dear friend Joe Sidoni that I hope you will take the time to listen too. Especially if you need a laugh or want to be silly. The interview is on constant streaming 24/7 on or just click on to Big Media USA at my website

As you can see from his picture, Joe is a hoot plus he is quite aware of all the difficulties raising kids since he has been a single Dad for a long time. As you can guess, he loves doing stand up and no one ever tells him to sit down.

Here is what Joe had to say about my book:

"Thou Shalt Not Whine is a wonderful book! Even though january Jones is nicer than Dr. Laura and prettier than Dr. Phil, she still made me see another side in me. I had to admit that I too can be a Whiner! I had to laugh about her husband and all the pillows though, because I too can't understand all the pillows - especially the ones we're not allowed to use! I blame it all on HGTV! But here I go whining again!
Only now I catch myself...and smile. I think I'm gonna go out and buy another pillow for our bed!"    

Now you can see why, I adore this guy!

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