Sunday, July 12, 2009

WGN America World Series of Golf Premieres with Jesus Ferguson and January Jones

Chris "Jesus' Ferguson getting some advice from my friend, Greg, one of my "Be a Smiley...Not a Whiney!" gallery supporting me during the World Series of Golf. Actually Chris confided in me that poker players are much bigger whiners than golfers! Of course that is probably because Chris ("Jesus" to poker players) beats more poker players than golfers. I just watched his latest commercial for Full Tilt Poker. net and he looks like the badest, meanest guy in Veags but he really is such a sweetheart . I loved playing golf with him and hope to interview him soon on my radio show.

World Series of Golf premiered this weekend on WGN America and it was so much fun to finally see the show and watch all the other players do their things while getting in a little promo for my book and radio show. It is reality golf played with real people who are trying to play golf in front of television cameras !!!!!!!! Needless to say, the premise is amusing and somethime even amazing.

The good news for me is that I'm not shown playing golf in the first episode just partying and socializing and that's what I do best. be sure to tune in next weekend for more reality golf.

Also, I wanted to share wity everyone the cutest cartoon that Steve Pollastrini sent with our dear friend, Maxine's mantra on Whining! Thanks so much, Steve!

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