Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Believe It or Not" with Ripley's Tim O'Brien Buckeye

Be sure to Tune In, Tune On and Tune Up with me tomorrow morning when I interview Tim O'Brien from Ripley's Entertainment.

Tim is an Ohio State Buckeye and has been to over 600 amusement parks and has been on over 400 roller coasters! He will reveal his favorite roller coaster and tell us all about the world's largest "hairball" amongst other odd and freakish facts from their museums and amusement parks.

You'll hear from Tim all about this fascinating empire that was created by LeRoy Ripley and continues to this day all over the world with wonderful vacations that are affordable and close to home.

Ripleys has created a new word that I love and it is called "Daycations." Instead of long, expensive "Staycations" you can now go on line and plan an inexpensive one day outing during the summer and with what you save you can then plan another trip for your family!

Be sure to listen to our show .....Tim is a real hoot and it's not even football season!

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