Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michael Jackson Fans Cure for Dying without Whining!

Phoenix, AZ July 1, 2009 – Recently there has been an epidemic of celebrities dying followed by massive outbursts of whining from their fans. It started with the beloved Ed McMahon's expected demise, followed by Farrah Fawcetts untimely passing and then the unexpected death of Michael Jackson. These deaths have been followed with sadness and whining from their fans, especially so with the passing of The King of Pop!
January Jones, the author, of Thou Shalt Not Whine…The Eleventh Commandment addresses this phenomena in her recently published book and on her weekly radio show, Whine Time with January Jones on

Ms. Jones' "Dying without Whining Cure" from her tome could be the solution for many bereaved and inconsolable fans of Michael Jackson.

She states that even though it may seem morbid, "To initiate this healing, try to think of all the things you will never have to do again once you are dead" You will be surprised at how long a list it will be. "Things like standing in line, dealing with in-laws, and worrying about money are popular choices"

To quote Ms. Jones, "You can also add dying to this list since it's also something you'll never have to do again once it's done"

Hopefully, the many bereaved fans will find consolation in the knowledge that their beloved Icon, Michael Jackson, could be on the ultimate adventure in his own eternal Neverland!

January Jones hopes to help the bereaved fans discover how to heal by focusing on doing all the healthy and sometimes silly things their inner child needs to do now…………… things that they've put off for far too long!

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