Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy May Day from January Jones

Happy May Day from January Jones

Here's a May Day bouquet from Zoey with springtime wishes
that will make you smile for awhile!

"It's May! It's May!

The lusty month of May!... 

Those dreary vows that ev'ryone takes, 
Ev'ryone breaks. 

Ev'ryone makes divine mistakes! 

The lusty month of May!"
Lerner and Lowe

"Ah! Spring is here.
The rabbits quit their dens. 

The dormant grass begins to grow.

The trees release their airborne allergens.
 It's time to tune the Toro and to mow. 

To fertilize and lime and thatch and seed. 
As-groveling on dirty, servile knees--

You pluck the dreaded dandelion weed
. And rub your itching eyes start to sneeze.

Wherever grass encroaches,
you must edge.

And don't forget to stir the compost heap
And trim the junipers' unruly hedge.

While forfeiting a needed hour of sleep.

Those poets penning praise to spring and tillage
Are domiciled in lofts in Greenwich Village."
Bob McKenty, A Sonnet

Mother's Day is next week and
Thou Shalt Not Whine...
The Eleventh Commandment
is the perfect gift to give or get!

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Stop Whining and Start Smiling,
and if that doesn't work
then start eating Chocolate,
lots and lots of Chocolate!

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