Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Spot Golf and The 10! on Whine Time with January Jones

I'm really looking forward to my interview with Brian Alman of Sweet Spot Golf and his partner Bob Aube who started Wilhemina 7 and is now working on The 10! It is an incredible exciting concept and I can't wait to share it with all my listeners this Thursday at 9 am PT on at Whine Time with January Jones!

The 10! is an unprecedented concept OF promoting, marketing and branding TEN professional female athletes from TEN different sports derived from an elimination drama reality series.

Over 20 athletes are being considered and are hoping for a chance at the 10! The sports include golf, tennis, surfing, snowboarding, basketball, softball, swimming, skiing, speed skating, BMX racing and track and field. Episodes are currently being drafted utilizing the burgeoning area of internet television with interactive components attached. Discussions with production and networks have begun.

CEO and Founder Bob Aube, who has a propensity for “out of the box” sports ventures like the National Golf League (a pro golf league of teams) and the Wilhelmina Seven, (seven LPGA players) has come up with the concept that is capturing the attention of the entertainment and sports arenas.

Aube explains “Imagine the demographics of an audience watching contestants represented by Extreme Sports, Winter and Summer Olympics, WNBA and LPGA all in one show. It will be compelling television.” Aube added that the integrity of the women will be retained throughout the show as the athletes will be promoted as healthy role models, and represent “positive imaging” reality.

The marketability of the 10! allows for a wider base of consumer products from apparel to athletic equipment. According to a recent study by A.T. Kearney, a consulting firm in Boston, women have the final say in 80 percent of all consumer purchases. “Maybe companies are missing their targets with emphasis on their male counterpart athletes,” explains Aube, “those numbers are eye-opening and must be recognized by the branding executives.

Corporate America needs to look for value and a return on their advertising dollars these days. Companies who want to improve their image in the eyes of women surely could do so by partnering and supporting the 10!”

10! has attracted an impressive management team including Wendy Newman, founder of Person-Centered Branding® and the official personal brand coach for the LPGA. Other marketing and entertainment executives have joined the team, all with high hopes of creating a new an exciting brand with some unique appeal. Other sports executives agree, according to Jane Schonberger, Publisher and Editor of, and former Disney executive,

“I think the 10! is a fantastic idea and Bob seems to be gathering momentum with his crusade to make a difference in women’s sports. We’re in agreement on the need to change the paradigm in media portrayal of female athletes and have been in discussions with some partnering scenarios.

His enthusiasm for this project is infectious!” Aube is not hampered by the current economic climate, and explains, “With the intention of creatively changing the visibility of women’s sports, the current economic climate can actually support our marketing strategies.”

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