Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Inner Game of Golf with Tim Gallwey

Tim Gallwey,
author of The Inner Game of Golf

....and January
playing the inner and outer game at World Series of Golf practice round in Las Vegas.

I'm so pleased to have Tim Gallwey as my guest tomorrow on "Whine Time with January Jones" at 9 am PT. Like so many others, I remember Tim from his first book, the Inner Game of Tennis. Actually it was more like "The Bible" for my generation of tennis players.

So guess what happened? Now we are all trying to master the game of golf and Tim has come to our rescue again with The Inner Game of Golf. It seems that you really can teach old dogs some new tricks.

I read Tim's book on the way over to Vegas for our World Series of Golf practice round. Like all true addicts, I couldn't put it down and devoured every page and every little tip or thought that Tim shared with us other addicts. Now I trying to digest the feast that The Inner Game of Golf serves up or rather I should say tees up.

As for my practice round at Paiute in Vegas, it was a blast. I got to the 16th hole before I ran out of money. Obviously, I don't want to peak too soon and I didn't. We'll be playing for real in three weeks and in the meantime, practice makes perfect or so I am told by my husband, my new trainer.

World Series of Golf will be presenting our tournament on WGN Cable Channel as a 13 week Reality Golf TV series with 13 re-runs. So if I play my cards right and wear bright enough clothes, I hope to get some camera time and promote my book.

As for the poker part of the tournament, I played Texas hold 'Em while in Vegas and won $34. So now, I'm ready to take on the serious poker players too. I'm sure they are really worried about me. I have the perfect poker face since I smile when I win and I smile when I lose.

No Whining here......just Smiling!!

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