Sunday, November 23, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Whine Reviewed by Duffbert's Random Musings! The B&N Santa Barbara & Woodland Hills Book Signings!!

On November 15, 2009, thou shalt Not Whine received a great review from  Duffbert's Random Musings that I would like to share with you.

Also, I wanted to thank the Barnes & Noble Santa Barbara and Woodland Hills for hosting lovely book signings for TSNW at their stores. My dear friend, Tanda Fitchen Jennings, from Immaculata High School in Detroit, Michigan dropped by to surprise me.  

Tanda Jennings is a long time Santa Barbara resident and town personality. There's nothing like old friends to brighten your day.

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Thomas "Duffbert" Duff said...

How come you didn't put the link in to my review? Why were you so insensitive? What's wrong with people these days?

Gee... whining's more fun than I thought it was! :)