Sunday, October 12, 2008



#2 Sharing

There is only one way to raise kids.
Unfortunately, no one knows what it is.
January Jones

Whine A: Do I have to?

Why: Sharing is one of the hardest lessons that you will ever teach your children. It is not in their nature to want to divide things up with others. By nature, they are all little hoarders who are learning how to be territorial. It is part of their self-preservation instinct not to share. It is especially hard to share their toys, favorite stuffed animals, best pals or parents with each other, especially if the other party is also having a hard time with it, which is always the case by definition. Face it: Children just don’t like other people to have what they have—and this unfortunately seems to be the way with most adults these days as well!

Whine B: I don’t want to.

Favorite Cure: The “sharing is fun” cure is an effective concept, but if you can’t con them into it, better switch to the “Because I said so!” cure, which is one of my all time favorites. Remember, it is all in the eyes and tone. You must perfect your “look” so they know you mean business, and an effective and believable tone comes only with years of practice. Do praise your child when they divide things up with others. It makes them feel good about themselves, and it is, after all, what all the big kids do. Well, at least some of them do it.

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